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Three Hills Capital Partner

A new visual identity

2019 - 2020
THCP is an innovative investment house providing flexible capital solutions to mid-market European companies, partnering with entrepreneurs and management teams to build successful businesses.

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Illustrations commisioned to
Juliette Gresland
Logo designed by 
Bravo. Charlie. Mike. Hotel. agency
Video commisioned to
Jamie She

Relying mostly on their network to build their reputation, THCP lacked the necessary tools to help them take control of their narrative and increase their brand visibility. With the creation of Atypical Partner, it was also essential to align all existing brands under the Atypical Partner House.

To solve this, we started by updating the brand's overall look & feel for more coherence. The agency BCMH, contacted before my start at Atypical Partner, designed a new simpler logo:

Then, my mission with the THCP team was to create from this logo a brand new visual identity, playing on details that carefully balanced warmth and playfulness. That would speak to business leaders in an emotionally resonant way and provide a platform for the company’s continued growth.

The colour palette has been developed considering the UX+UI design treatments in digital, as well as material finishes in print.  

It was necessary to keep the DNA of Three Hills through its illustration too. However, it was crucial to bring visual consistency. With the illustrator Juliette Gresland we rethought all the illustrations to be more impactful and coherent.

Three Hills website needed to be restructured to ensure better navigation and to improve the access to crucial information about the company news and portfolio.

THCP mainly communicates digitally. It was relevant to use this medium to push its visual identity through motion and create content to promote the company dynamism.

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All right reserved © Servane Vignes 2020