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All different, Tous Equal

My master research project focuses on inclusivity and acceptance. I am using practical experience – such as interviews, workshops or debates – to elicit testimonies, introduce and make visible neurodiversity. My project aims at changing the common understanding of cognitive disability and to redefine norms

Project exhibited at Riposte in June 2019 curated by Eden Topall-Rabanne,
at the School of Comunication final show 2019 at the Royal College of Art.

Pictures by Deo Suveera


Guilty Pleasures

Visual Identity for a pop-up event taking place at Tenderbooks with Guilty Pleasures. Guilty Pleasures is a group of artists and designers who met at the Royal College of Art to gather around their common love for sharks, shot glasses, nail files and publishing. Guilty Pleasures explores material possibility, the charm of ephemera, the baroque grotesqueness of online shopping.
We displayed a colourful range of self-published books challenging the art of print and bookmaking to demonstrate that no subject is off-limits.  

Art directed with Elise d’Arbaumont



Based on my thesis, I have explored the meaning of type design as a practice of single authorship. UnFold is a participatory project that aims to represent the various ways of seeing typography. Using the exquisite corpse methodology, I held workshops at the Royal College of Art. This method provides an experimental platform allowing every participant to create unrestrained designs. The drawings were then digitalised to create forms that retained a sense of unity, whilst being unpredictable at the same time.

Project exhibited at Typographic Singularity,
at the Royal College of Art in April 2019.

Pictures by Joseph Lebus & Pamela Dimitrov


Les ateliers de l’Ulis

The law for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with disabilities is voted in 2005. Ulis class (Localized Units for Inclusive Education) was created under this law. In the context of my work, based on the French system,
I considered necessary to meet the students directly concerned by this law. I came for two hours in early April 2019 to supervise a pedagogical workshop.The aim was to provide a creative space for each student to express themselves freely and independently. We talked about equality and designed a manifesto and a collage about it. The two pieces (redesigned and screenprinted) were displayed at the RCA final show.

Project exhibited at the School of Comunication final show 2019 at the Royal College of Art.

Thanks Deo Suveera

I am a shitty poet

This publication explores the movement from the intimate to the public through confessions
I collect in public toilets. The new narrative is curated during production to keep the spontaneous approach of the work.

Publication letterpressed, Illustrations in carbon paper, Cover risographed

Published at the ASP Fair 2018

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